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CRPP statement on state repression in Kashmir

Condemn the Fascist clampdown of the Indian State on the Kashmiri people!

Condemn the killings of the Kashmiri youth by the lawless army and police of the Indian state!

Raise international opinion against the blatant arrests of all the political opposition in Kashmir against the Indian State!

Scrap immediately the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and the Public Safety Act (PSA)!

Every act of repression and incarceration of the Kashmiri people is an attack on their right to determine their own future!

The people of Jammu & Kashmir have been going through the worst ever kind of repression of the Indian State for the last two months. Especially in the valley of Jammu & Kashmir once again the Indian State and its lawless army and police have resorted to the worst forms of atrocities on the people. It should be noted that the relentless protests of the people in the valley had forced the mercenary police and paramilitary to accept a couple of times, albeit with embarrassment, that their men had committed the act of crime of killing innocent civilians. But this has happened only after blatant denials and outright support accorded to the forces for their act with impunity of rape and murder of women in Sopore and continuing instances of gross human rights violations of the people who have been raising their voice for their political rights.

The present spurt in brutal killings of the youth-especially the killing of 5 youth in less than a week in the month of June-and complete clamp down of life in the valley with even phones not being allowed to use is a continuation of the increasing instances of atrocities on the people of Kashmir who have refused to be cowed down by the brute force of the Indian State.

The lawlessness and utter lack of concern of the Indian State for public opinion is evident as it is shutting out any possible avenue for the people to pour out to the streets in the form of rallies or dharnas or public meetings. Unable to stem the tide of the mounting anger of people, the Indian State has resorted to arrests of all dissident leadership that has been in the forefront of all such protests. Many of the leadership such as Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Asiya Andrabi and scores of others belonging to various political groups organising the protests against the killings and human rights violations have been detained for days. Many of them including Syed Ali Shah Geelani have also been booked under the draconian PSA. Every house of the political leadership has been a target of frequent raids by the security forces and many of them are already behind bars. The act of desperation of the Indian State was further evident as it went on arresting hundreds of youth between the age group of 18-22 years from Srinagar, Baramulla and Sopore so as to quench the raging fire of protests against the paramilitary and army. In the last two weeks as reported in the news papers around 16 people have been killed by the CRPF. The government has gone on record saying that the CRPF in most cases had resorted to firing as an act of self-defence. It goes without saying that the government is trying to justify the acts of impunity of the paramilitary by resorting to blatant lies as it has the audacity to say that shooting unarmed people is an act of self-defence! Further the latest developments of gagging the media and bringing in the army only show the lack of political will of a government at the Centre and its lackey in the state of Jammu & Kashmir to shy away from the real political question of the right to self-determination of the people of Jammu & Kashmir. The desperation of the State is further evident in recent act of booking the President of the Bar of Kashmir High Court Mr. Mian Abdul Ghayyum under the draconian PSA only for fear of the defiance of yet another voice of political conviction that has been consistent with the question of the Right to Self-determination of the people of Kashmir. We demand the immediate release of Mr. Mian Abdul Ghayyum.

All freedom loving citizens belonging to every walk of life in Kashmir such as teachers, students, lawyers, doctors, workers and the common folks all have been the target of this fascist shut down of the Indian State. The Kashmir University Teachers Association and the High Court Bar Association have strongly condemned this fascist repression of the Indian State besides all political groups that have been with the people in these protests.

What is more audacious and authoritarian has been the arrogant utterances of the Army Chief of India when the demand rose for the scrapping of the draconian AFSPA that gave blanket powers to the army to do whatever to the people under their occupation with impunity. Despite such barbaric laws the resilient spirit of the people of Kashmir have only risen further to challenge all forms of domination and oppression on their right to determine their own future. It is utter irresponsibility and lack of sensibility to the political will and agency of the Kashmiri people that has forced the Indian State to dub it as externally inspired! This is an easy way to dismiss off the protests and indulge in all kinds of brutal atrocities on the people and their political leadership.

As more and more people are put behind bars for their political opinion in the Valley of Jammu & Kashmir it is the responsibility of all democratic sections to be in solidarity with the people of Kashmir for their freedom of expression, for exercising their political will. We demand the Indian State to immediately stop the fascist clamp down of life in Kashmir. We strongly demand that the political leadership of the people of Kashmir be immediately released from prisons and other interrogation centres. There should be an unconditional release of all the youth who have been arrested from the various pockets of the towns of Srinagar, Baramullah and Sopore. The draconian AFSPA and PSA should be immediately scrapped as these laws cannot and will not address the burning problems of the people. Rather these laws are an impediment to that only to brutalise the life of the people. Neither civilised society nor any sensible mind can entertain such barbaric laws inimical to the very fabric of a democratic polity. The need of the hour is to listen to and respect the political will of the people of Kashmir. The present policy of shoot and kill, burn and destroy, rape and maim, and loot and plunder will never quell the political aspirations of the Kashmiri people. The Kashmiri people have once again challenged the very premise of the claim of India to be a democratic country.

In Solidarity,

185/3, Fourth Floor, Zakir Nagar, New Delhi—25

Gurusharan Singh, President
Amit Bhattacharyya, Secretary General
SAR Geelani, Working President
Rona Wilson, Secretary Public Relations