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An Appeal for Support from the students of JNU

Dear friends,
Please Sign this Online Petition against the authoritarian actions on the JNU Forum against War on People by the university administration, and circulate it widely: http://www.petitiononline.com/jnufawp0/petition.html
With regards,
JNU Forum against War on People

A note on the petition

As you know, the JNU Forum against War on People have been consistently active in the last two years in opposing Operation Green Hunt, the Indian state's war on people. The activities and campaigns of the Forum has to a great extent mobilised a strong opinion against this repressive war by the state, which has made it a target of the JNU administration as well as the right-wing students' organisations. Now by using the pretext of an 'objectionable' image, the administration is conducting a farcical Proctorial Enquiry against the students associated with the Forum, and launched a witch-hunt for them. Moreover, it has effectively put a ban on all activities of the Forum including public meetings etc. by 'restraining' the Forum from all activities pending the enquiry. This highly objectionable and authoritartian act has been strongly opposed by the Forum, the student community of JNU as well as the teachers, since it is not an attack on one particular organisation, but on the democratic space and political culture of the university itself.

We, on behalf of the JNU Forum against War on People, appeal to you to support the struggle of the students in all possible manner. We request you to endorse and sign a petition to the Vice Chancellor opposing the actions of the administration, and demanding their immediate withdrawal. We look forward to your much-needed support to strengthen our collective struggle against Operation Green Hunt and state repression on the people.

With regards,
JNU Forum against War on People