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DSU: “Stand in Solidarity with the Struggle for a Separate and Democratic Telangana State!”

The struggle for Telangana state has once again intensified, with the people observing two-days of successful Telangana Bandh on 5th and 6th June, after the MLAs and MPs from the region being forced to tender their resignation under popular pressure. The central government has been using all possible excuse and manipulation to delay the inevitability of the Telangana state, whether by forming the Srikrishna Committee in 2009, or insisting on building 'consensus' among the parliamentary parties ever since the submission of the Committee Report. The Committee was nothing more than a delaying tactic, while its Report was primarily concerned with advising the government how to effectively crush the movement, as the notorious 8th Chapter of the Srikrishna Committee Report has revealed.

The government, led by the puppet prime minister Manmohan Singh and the criminal home minister Chidambaram, has been trying to fool the people of Telangana with false assurances and promises, while in practice putting all efforts to protect the interests of the Coastal Andhra ruling classes in Telangana. The patience of the people of Telangana has been repeatedly tested by the government's continued disregard for the democratic aspirations of the people for over five decades. In fact, the government itself has time and again backtracked from its promises for separate Telangana state. On 9 December 2009, Chidambaram announced that the Indian government would start the process of forming a separate Telangana state, and that it would introduce a bill in the parliament to this effect. The government is yet to honour this decision, forcing the people of Telangana to take the path of struggle once again.

The struggle has exposed the parliamentary parties again and again, with all the parties of Andhra splitting vertically on the question of Telangana according to their regional and national affiliation. This allows parties like Congress, BJP and TDP to oppose and 'support' the demand at the same time! But their hypocrisy is not hidden from the people. While the parliamentary parties of all hues have tried to use the issue for their own electoral goals - be it Congress, BJP, TDP or TRS - it is the heroic struggle of the people of Telangana that have kept alive the movement for this democratic demand. On the face of this popular demand, the Indian state is resorting to brutal repression and crackdown on protestors, and has converted university/college campuses into police camps to stifle the militant students' movement for Telangana.


We are confident that the ruling classes of India will be forced to concede to the aspirations for a separate and democratic Telangana as more and more militant protests break out in the region in the coming days, with the youth and students playing an important role in this struggle. DSU stands in solidarity with the movement for separate Telangana state, and believes that only a democratic Telangana with complete transformation of the oppressive social relations will usher in true democracy for the people of Telangana.