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Solidarity Statements

CEBRASPO (Brazil) Statement on the Indian State murder of Azad

Azad: prominent revolutionary leader killed by the fascist Indian State

Cherukuri Rajkumar, "Comrade Azad," political leader of the Indian people, a Central Committee's member and spokesperson of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) along with the young journalist Pamdey, were killed on July 2.

The action was carried out by Indian special police and secret service, who kidnapped and murdered them in Andhra Pradesh, which proves, once again, with what methods the old Indian State acts against the people's fighters. It clearly demonstrates the escalating fascism orchestrated by U.S. imperialism, and developed by Indian State.

That is the context of Operation Green Hunt, developed mainly against the resistance of the Adivasi people, who constantly fight for their lands taken by imperialism and the Indian State. That operation has made a string of killings of revolutionary leaders and fighters of the people in India.


Those killings are a response from the fascist State in India to the advancement of popular and revolutionary struggle in that country, that has the People's War led by CPI (Maoist) its most advanced front. Recently, actions directed by this party caused heavy casualties to the forces of reaction that has about of 250.000 staff (largely composed of military and special forces). Azad was an outstanding leader and was part of a generation of revolutionaries who is waging a deep struggle against opportunism and revisionism, building and developing a process increasingly prominent in the liberation struggle of the Indian people.

The Cebraspo of Brazil is expressing their outrage and condemning those killings.

The Cebraspo is expressing their unconditional support for the struggle of the Adivasi people, as well as the Indian people, led by CPI (Maoist). We demand an immediate end to Operation Green Hunt and all the military incursions of the fascist State in India to the lands of the people!